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Please see below the call for proposals to participate in a session on economic geography and the innovation agenda at the IAG conference this year.  Please submit abstracts on the conference website (by Weds 5 April), and indicate your interest in this session (please also forward your abstract to me or get in contact if you have any questions).


Thanks for your interest and apologies for cross-posting.

Institute of Australian Geographers annual conference, Brisbane, 11-14 July 2017

Session title: Economic Geography and the Innovation Agenda

Session theme: Economic Geography

Organizers: Jenny Cameron (University of Newcastle) and Kirsten Martinus (University of Western Australia)

The notion of an “innovation agenda” currently has political and public appeal. But beyond the rhetoric what does this mean? In what ways are firms innovating? How is innovation enacted in different types of firms in different sectors of the economy? To what extent is innovation itself a driver of change or is innovation the outcome of other processes (including, for example, creativity, ethical commitments and concerns, and the transmission of ideas)? What role does government play in supporting innovation; when is government an enabler or a blocker? Innovation is one thing, but how does the commercialisation process work in Australia and elsewhere? What might current theoretical concerns have to offer ways of understanding the innovation agenda (for example, how might reconceiving individual firms as part of an assemblage shed different light on the notion of innovation). This session invites contributions on these and other topics related to the innovation agenda.