Call for Papers

Institute of Australian Geographers Conference, 11-14th July, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Session title: Be the Change: Geographies of Social Transformation


Theme: Critical Development


 Organisers: Jane Dyson and Craig Jeffrey (University of Melbourne)


There’s been a huge rise in social movements in which people try to be the change they want to see in the world. Scholars from a number of disciplines have sought to understand the nature and effectiveness of this ‘prefigurative politics’ (Boggs, 1977). This session brings together geographers interested in the form and spaces of prefigurative action. This includes a particular focus on everyday efforts to ‘be the change’ and work with young people around the world. We will also examine prefiguration within policy circles, for example through the increased use of exemplars and proof of principle projects.


Please submit your abstract to us to indicate interest: Jane Dyson ( and Craig Jeffrey (





Dr Jane Dyson


School of Geography

University of Melbourne

221 Bouverie St

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