CFP – NZGS-IAG Conference, Auckland 11-14 July 2018

Session Title: “Mobilities and Weather”

Session organisers: Tim Edensor (Metropolitan University of Manchester), Kaya Barry (Griffith University), Maria Borovnik (Massey University), Gail Adams-Hutcheson (University of Waikato)

(sponsored by the NZGS Mobilities Research in Geography Group and the IAG Cultural Geography Group)

Heat, dust, ice, snow, precipitation, sunlight, clouds, tides, ash, haze, fog, particles, high or low pressure, cyclones—these and other states of ‘weather’ alter the ways in which we humans are intertwined with weather landscapes. Weather and climate has been a frequent theme in mobilities studies, regarding atmospheres and affects, or environments and ecological entanglements, where human action is repositioned within and affected by the ‘weather world’ (Ingold 2010). These can be everyday experiences in which kinaesthestic, visual, or affective resonances merge humans and landscapes (Benediktsson & Lund 2010; Edensor 2017); or in disastrous and extreme ‘events’ disrupting and rerouting mobility; or in the changing climate making headlines globally. Our experiences of weather are diverse and ever-changing.

We invite papers from an array of perspectives, including:
- Walking, driving, cycling, skiing, swimming, flying etc. through/in weather
- Atmospheres and weather
- Adapting mobilities for climate change
- Cross-disciplinary explorations of weather sciences, landscapes and mobilities
- The non-human and weather
- Weather as disrupting event

Please send abstracts of 200 words to Kaya Barry ( by Monday 26th March.

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