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Geographers working on themes of mobility, labour, technology and cities might be interested submitting an abstract to our session on Platform Cities at the New Zealand Geographical Society-Institute of Australian Geographers Joint Conference being held at the University of Auckland between 11-14 July 2018. Please do get in touch with us by Monday 26th March if you’re interested in presenting a paper! Full details of the session are below.


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David and Alan



Platform Cities



David Bissell, University of Melbourne

Alan Latham, University College London


Session sponsored by:

IAG Cultural Geography Study Group

IAG Urban Geography Study Group

NZGS Mobilities in Geography Study Group


This session invites papers that explore how mobile ‘gig economy’ platforms such as Uber, Deliveroo, Grab, Kidsiter, Airtasker and AirBnB are changing the way that we inhabit, sense and understand cities. Where some recent geographical work has explored the evolution of the ‘smart’ city, we suggest that the various mobile dimensions of these platforms demand closer attention. As such, this session invites conceptual and empirical papers that explore the changing mobilities of people, goods and services via mobile platforms. Papers might explore platforms from a consumer, labour or governance perspective. They might consider how platforms create and rely on differential mobilities of bodies, ideas and policies. They might explore the changing everyday conventions and socialities upon which they depend. They might assess the geographical diversity of different sorts of platforms in different cities, and the new kinds of inequalities that are being created. They might evaluate the political implications of platforms for changing relations of private and public infrastructure, and the ways these platforms use and alter existing infrastructural elements.


Please send abstracts of 200 words to David Bissell ( and Alan Latham ( by Monday 26th March.