NZGS-IAG Conference Session, Auckland 11-14 July 2018


Session Title: Geography’s ‘Playmakers’ in New Zealand and Australia


This session will explore the interconnections, in terms of individuals, ideas, and institutions, which have characterised the development of academic geography in Australia and New Zealand. It will be consider the extent to which Australasian geography is entirely derivate of Anglo-American geography. It will also consider the reach of geography beyond the academy.


We invite contributions that in the broadest sense contribute to the understanding of the emergence and diffusion of ideas and  the flows and counter flows of people  in Australasian geography from the 1930s to the present.


Conveners: Roger McLean (School of Physical, Environmental and Mathematical Sciences

University of New South Wales - Canberra at ADFA and Michael Roche (Massey)


Key words: geography, ideas, individuals, institutions, impacts


Please send an abstract (150-200 words) with a title, your name, affiliation, and contact information to the session convenors at  and  by 26 March 2018.