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We invite geographers as well as interdisciplinary scholars working on difference, encounter and climate change. Really looking forward to receiving your abstracts. Standard papers and experimental formats very welcome. This session builds on Oceanic Responsibilities: Collaborative and Creative Approaches to Climate Change, 5-6 Feb, 2018 supported by the IAG.  


Michele Lobo

(on behalf of session organisers)


Saltwater Country: Difference and Co-belonging in a New Climatic Regime

(Sponsored by the Cultural Geography Study Group, Critical Development Studies Group and Environmental Sustainability-Hazards Risks Disasters Study Group, Institute of Australian Geographers)

Convenors: Michele Lobo, Michelle Duffy, Kaya Barry, Lauren Rickards, Paul Hodge, Roby Bartel


We invite papers that highlight encounters with seas, oceans, rocky coastlines, tidal zones, islands, mangrove environments, reefs, and species that inhabit saltwater country (land, water, air) in a ‘New Climatic Regime’ (Latour, 2017). This session follows on from the successful IAG supported workshop, Oceanic Responsibilities and Co-belonging (Feb 2018) that engaged stakeholders in explorations of collaborative and creative responses to climate change. Papers could explore an analysis of climate change policies in relation to risk and security. It might include practices of deep-sea mining, offshore oil/gas production, fishing or immersive bodily practices of diving and aquabatics. It could be about multispecies encounters or rangers working on coastal country (land/sea). It may focus on travelling cyclones, festivals that celebrate the elements or nonhuman forces of saltwater country that might nourish the racialized and dehumanised. We welcome theoretical as well as empirical papers that may bridge divides within and across art, science and the humanities. We invite ‘minor’ western, non-western and Indigenous philosophies of life/non-life that can strengthen current explorations of resilience and sustainability. By centering saltwater country (land, water and air) we are inspired by van Dooren and Rose’s (2016) call for ‘Lively Ethographies’ that are awake to difference in human and more-than-human worlds. 

Please submit abstracts of 150-200 words to Michele Lobo and Michelle Duffy by Monday 26 March 2018.


This session complements “Fresh/Salt: social and cultural geographies of water” convened by Carrie Wilkinson and colleagues






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