Call for Papers: NZGS-IAG 2018, University of Auckland, 12-14 July, 2018

Session Title: New consumption geographies

Key words: consumption, household, technology, material culture, transition

Household consumption has immense environmental consequences, contributing over 60% of global GHG emissions (Ivanova et al. 2016). However the character of consumption is changing, along with changes in urban and rural forms, technology (especially digital technologies), and forms of work and leisure. Too little is known about how these changes are unfolding across the population. Past consumption research highlighted the importance of social motives, such as care-giving and social status (Gronow and Warde 2002), sociality and reciprocity (Mansvelt 2005), yet it is unclear how these motives will intersect with new forms of consumption. Furthermore, there is much to learn about how shifts in the nature of consumption are experienced in place by people of different ages, ethnicities, income and with different living arrangements (Lane and Gorman-Murray 2011).

We invite papers that examine the theme of changing consumption, drawing on a wide range of conceptual and methodological approaches including social practice theory, material culture studies, assemblage approaches and the sharing economy. Topics could include,

·         Digital consumption

·         Collaborative consumption

·         Gender, sexuality and consumption

·         Consumption and the life course

·         Consumption and housing form – e.g. high rise apartments

·         Anti-consumerism and downshifting

·         Wealth and conspicuous consumption

·         Reuse, remaking and recycling.


Please submit paper titles and abstracts to the session organisers by 31 March 2018:


Ruth Lane:  School of Social Sciences, Monash University

Contact:  Ph: +61 3 99052937

Juliana Mansvelt: School of School of People, Environment and Planning, Massey University

Contact:  Ph: +64 6 356 9099  ext. 83640

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