Call for Papers: *NZGS-IAG 2018, University of Auckland, 12-14 July, 2018


Places of the past and placemaking: imagined spaces and collective memory'


Diti Bhattacharya, Clarissa Carden


Collective memory, imagined spaces, replication, historical spaces, cultural spaces

Places are powerfully associated with events, biographies, and emotion. These associations with places may be passed down through generations. Where a significant location is irrevocably changed or disappears, it creates a void which can be filled with a strange combination of collective and individual memories and the imagination of younger generations. Over time, these imagined and collectively remembered representations of place come to overtake more historically grounded understandings. They can imbue the space that remains with a deeper meaning: a meaning rooted in myth and affective resonances. They can also lead to an urge to recreate imagined and remembered spaces of history. This interdisciplinary panel explores the way in which collective memories of the past are evident in contemporary interactions with places of political, cultural, and historical significance. Such interactions may include casual visits or more extensive searches for traces of the remembered past. They may also involve replication of historical places and the erasure of inconvenient facts. The papers presented in this panel will explore the ways in which place-making extends beyond its geographical and temporal boundaries, and that this process is inherently and inescapably malleable.

Please submit paper titles and abstracts to the session organisers by 31
March 2018

Please get in touch with Clarissa Carden and/or Diti Bhattacharya for more details and submissions. 


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Diti Bhattacharya
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Griffith University
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