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Please see the Call for Papers below, relating to a session at the New Zealand Geographical Society and Institute of Australian Geographers Conference in Auckland, 11-14 July, 2018.

Session title
Geographies of policy and policy-making

Russell Prince (Massey University, NZ), Tom Baker (University of Auckland, NZ), Ian R. Cook (Northumbria University, UK)

Paper session(s) followed by a panel discussion

Policy and policy-making are longstanding topics of interest for geographers, but the last decade has been a period of particularly intense interest. For example, since McCann coined the term 'policy mobility' in 2008, around 200 published papers now make use of the term. Emphasising the people, networks, moments, agencies, institutions and technologies involved in rendering a policy mobile, and the mutations, transformations, blockages and boosting that occur along the way, this work has cast light on the expansive geographies of policy-making in a globalising world. Moreover, it has provided a useful lens for close, context-rich analyses of urbanisation, neoliberalism and globalisation. As the geographical literature on policy-making matures and its conceptual toolkit becomes ever more refined, now is a good time to take stock. This session welcomes papers that engage in critical analyses of policy andpolicy-making. We welcome papers that focus on  geographies of policy formation and mobility, but also encourage papers that focus on the geographies that policy produces. These papers, and the future of critical geographical policy research, will be discussed in a panel session to follow the paper session. Confirmed panelists include Wendy Larner (Victoria University Wellington), Eugene McCann (Simon Fraser University), Pauline McGuirk (University of Wollongong) and Nik Theodore (University of Illinois at Chicago).

Paper submission details

Please submit paper proposals (including author name(s), paper title and paper abstract) to Russell Prince (r.j.prince@massey.ac.nz), Tom Baker (t.baker@auckland.ac.nz) and Ian Cook (ian.cook@northumbria.ac.nz) by 26 March 2018. Postgraduate students are encouraged to submit papers.

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