Joint NZGS/IAG Conference 2018, July 11-14, University of Auckland, New Zealand


Call for papers: Indigenous and local-community driven enterprise and livelihood development


Key words: enterprise development; action research; natural and cultural resource management.


Indigenous peoples and local communities seek and engage with diverse opportunities to build enterprises based on natural and cultural resources. For many Indigenous people and local communities, the ability to build livelihoods via the management of their traditional estates, and by utilising the resources derived from them, is constrained by laws, rules and regulations implemented since colonisation. New and emerging challenges in the region, including those posed by climate change, increased mobility and trade are also revealing opportunities for local and Indigenous people to carve out diverse livelihood pathways in natural and cultural resource management.  In this session we are keen to share learnings about research into Indigenous-led and local community-led enterprise development and other livelihood opportunities in natural and cultural resource management. Papers may include but not be limited to: the role of geographers to support Indigenous and local community-driven enterprise and livelihood development; emerging strategies for working with/around laws, rules and regulations hindering enterprise development; opportunities and aspirations articulated by Indigenous and local community research partners, and progressive research methods in enterprise development research.


Please send an abstract of up to 300 words to AND by 26th March 2018.



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Adaptive Urban and Social Systems

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