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All wonderful sessions! We need your 150 word abstracts for 14 sessions sponsored/co-sponsored by the Cultural Geography Study Group.  Session abstracts here:  Please upload it by Friday 13 April Thanks session organisers.


Those in New Orleans enjoy AAG and take a break – send your abstract!


1) New and Emerging Research in Cultural Geography: Convenor: Michele Lobo, Michelle Duffy, Danielle Drozdzewski


2) Home, memory and mobility: settling while on the move: Caitlin Buckle, Charishma Ratnam,


3) Fresh/Salt: social and cultural geographies of water: Carrie Wilkinson, Leah Gibbs, Gordon Waitt


4)Saltwater Country: Difference and Co-belonging in a New Climatic Regime:  Michele Lobo, Michelle Duffy, Kaya Barry, Lauren Rickards, Paul Hodge, Robyn Bartel


5)Lively records: animating, populating and presenting documentation: Elliott Child (UBC), Rachel Hughes


6) Moving Stories: narrative histories of car journeys: Tim Edensor and Uma Kothari


7) Methods Teaching in Geography in Aotearoa-New Zealand and Australia: Russell Prince (Massey University) and Barbara Ribeiro (University of Auckland)

8)Future Mobilities: transitions, trials and transformations: Helen Fitt (University of Canterbury, NZ), Angela Curl (University of Canterbury, NZ), Debbie Hopkins (University of Oxford, UK)


9) Platform Cities: David Bissell, Alan Latham (UCL)


10)Human Geophilosophy? Deepening the Dialogue with Deleuze and Guattari: Ryan Frazer (UoW) and Ryan Jones (UoN).


11) Places of the past and placemaking: imagined spaces and collective memory: Diti Bhattacharya, Clarissa Carden


12) Problematizing the empirical: JD Dewsbury, Scott Sharpe and Tom Roberts


13) Materials, mobilities, and in/securities: Kaya Barry & Michele Lobo


14) Mobilities and weather: Tim Edensor, Kaya Barry, Maria Borovnik (Massey University), Gail Adams-Hutcheson (University of Waikato)


Pre-conference workshop/field study : Thanks Postgrads for sending your suggestions We are liaising with NZGS/conference organisers/other study groups for a one-day event. Keep the date free.



Kind Regards

Michele Lobo, Michelle Duffy and Danielle Drozdzewski


( IAG Cultural Geography Study Group Convenors)




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