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I am proud to announce the publication release on the 25th of June, of Are we China-ready? Chinese Tourism in Western Australia, Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre, BCEC Research Report no 14/18, June 2018. Authors: Xia, J., R. Adriano, M.P. Carcausto Zea, L. Crowe-Delaney, Y. Liu, K. Holmes and Z. Chen. ISBN 978-1-925083-82-8. .


Along with several tourism and hospitality industry workshops, and an ABC radio Albany interview as a co-author, I was able to contribute mostly in Stage 5 of the report using  human geography skills  of this larger Spatial Sciences led project. This is a true collaboration between fields of geography, made possible with the sponsorship of Curtin University of Sustainable Policy Institute’s director Professor Dora Marinova. It is with great thanks for Chief Investigator Assoc Professor Cecilia Xia, who invited me on this comprehensive project in August 2017. This report has received great feedback from Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre staff.  During this same period, Dr Xia ( a geographer and Spatial Scientist) also invited me to advise in a social science capacity in her transport HDR discussion group under the School of Science and Engineering. This report has provided a best shot for putting geography on a public profile in an Australian tourism context!




Dr. Lesley Crowe-Delaney
PhD, Human Geography, Tourism, Coastal Development

Grad Dip Ed (Japanese and ESL), BA Geography, Asian Studies (Hons),Cert IV in T&A Adult LLN
Post Doc Research Fellow| Humanities

Research & Development CUSP School of Built Environment

Volunteer advisor Faculty of Science and Engineering


Crowe-Delaney, L.J. (forthcoming book) Gourmet Tourism in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Palgrave Macmillan.

Crowe-Delaney, L.J. (July 2018) Deconstructing the Staged and Existential Authentic of Rurality in Japan, in: Special issue, International Journal of Tourism Anthropology

Liu, T. Xia, J. and Crowe-Delaney, L. (in edit 2018), Tourism Information Diffusion Ecosystem (TIDE): Modelling Online Tourism Information Diffusion.

Xia, J., R.Adriano, M.P. Carcausto Zea, L.Crowe-Delaney, Y.Liu, K.Holmes and Z. Chen (2018), Are we China-ready? Chinese Tourism in Western Australia, Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre, BCEC Research Report no 14/18, June 2018.


Tourism, Gourmet and Wine Tourism, Coastal Development

Fisheries Security in the Oceanic Region, Chinese and Japanese Tourism Culture



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