Issue #84 of "The Globe", journal of the Australian and New Zealand Map Society, has just been published.

The contents are:


Determining Projection and Scale for Maps in Early Atlases of China held by The National Library of Australia
David L. B. Jupp                               1-24


Blueback Charts and the Australian Coast
Greg Wood                  25-38

Captain Cook Invented Point Hicks to Hide Bass Strait
Margaret Cameron-Ash               39-45

Developing the Australian Atlas of Healthcare Variation
Niall Johnson, Tony Szabo, Kerryn Viana & Gillian Giles            46-56

Book reviews:
Van Wyss, Martin, [book review] The Art of Cartographics: designing the modern map  57-58

Mawer, G. A. [book review], Margaret Cameron-Ash,  Lying for the Admiralty: Captain Cook's Endeavour voyage  59-61

Crowe-Delaney, Lesley, [book review] Gregory C. Eccleston,  Granville Stapylton, Australia Felix 1836: second in command to Major Mitchell  61-63

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Brendan Whyte, editor