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We invite you to submit abstracts for the Housing Theory Symposium 2019, to be held at the University of Sydney.



Housing In/formality


Housing Theory Symposium 2019

May 30-31st 2019, The University of Sydney



Housing emerges through the intersection of formal and informal processes. Traditionally, housing and urban informality has been associated with the Global South, but an emerging body of literature is looking at how informality materializes in the North. Who decides what and where is in/formal? How do different groups experience the effects of in/formality? Roy (2005) positions informality as a political construct and highlights the power of the state in defining informality, but there is a larger suite of actors involved in defining, making, and living with in/formality, including local residents and corporations.


In this symposium, we invite papers that problematize and unpack what “informal” means for housing through theoretical and empirical analysis. Papers could address the following topics, although this is not an exhaustive list:




We invite abstracts of no more than 300 words to be submitted by February 11th 2019. Authors will be notified of the outcome of their submissions by March 1st 2019.


Please submit papers to Sophia Maalsen (Sophia.maalsen@sydney.edu.au) and Jathan Sadowski (jathan.sadowski@sydney.edu.au).



Roy, A.  2005. “Urban Informality: Towards an Epistemology of Planning.” Journal of the American Planning Association 71 (2): 147–58




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