Call for papers for a Special Issue of Housing, Theory and Society

Guest editors: Nicole Cook & Charles Gillon (University of Wollongong, Australia).


Submission of abstracts

200-300 word abstracts should be submitted to both Nicole Cook (ncook@uow.edu.au) and Charles Gillon (cgillon@uow.edu.au) by 30 February 2019

(Full paper submission to Guest Editors by 31 August 2019)


Topic Description

Researchers have increasingly observed how financial logics and practices are reshaping our experiences of housing and home. These logics generate new dependencies between everyday life and the world of global speculative finance, housing development and neoliberal statecraft. From owner-occupiers called on to fund their own welfare against declining assets, to social housing tenants forced to relocate for estate renewal, citizens in market societies are indebted to financial institutions, housing and planning authorities and landlords for the right to occupy a home. This special edition will interrogate these debted-lives by inviting contributors to examine the ways that debt (both financial and otherwise) is experienced in the settings of home and neighbourhood. Focusing on the social relations that accompany financialisation, the special issue will bring together contributions that interrogate some of the significant societal developments shaping both housing and the home.


Coverage of the Topic Provided by the Special Issue

In the special issue we seek papers that pay attention to the experiences, affects, social relations and or subjectivities of debted lives. While anchored in the everyday experiences of owner-occupiers and renters, debted lives are simultaneously situated in broader institutional, political and cultural contexts. Thus, papers focused on the everyday experience may also develop a simultaneous focus on the technologies, policies and discourses that normalise debted lives, desired behaviours and identities.


Please find attached the full call for abstracts.


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Guest Editors:

Nicole Cook, The University of Wollongong

Charlie Gillon, The University of Wollongong