Hi all,

We’re pleased to send around details of the first event of the year for the Cultural Geography Study Group - a workshop on ‘Liminal Zones’ coming up at the end of April in Newcastle. Full details on our new website at the link below. Please forward the link to those you think might be interested, especially those in industry, government, etc., and hope to see some of you there.

Best wishes, Michele, Michelle and Vickie

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Workshop: 'Liminal zones: where sea and land meet'
Friday 26th April, The University of Newcastle, Australia

In last year’s workshop – 'Oceanic Responsibilities and Co-belonging' – we sought to open up discussion about the intricate, deeply entangled relations between the human and nonhuman world, and what this means in the age of Anthropogenic climate change. Our aim this year in 'Liminal Zones' is to build upon these earlier discussions, and explore those zones of intersection and encounter between ocean and land. As with our first workshop, the format for the day reflects our commitment to participatory methodologies that build capacity amongst research participants and project stakeholders, and pursues research grounded in the concerns of our contemporary world.

Our focus is on the port – and the Newcastle Port more specifically – as one of the intersection points between land and water. As Ng et al. (2014: 84) note, ‘ports have played important roles in the socio-economic development of cities, countries and regions throughout the history.’ Yet, these are now often places of rapid deindustrialisation and transition, which not only impacts on the economic wellbeing of these communities but also the foundation of community identities (Stevenson & Paton 2001). While past research has focused on transport, management, policy and governance, we seek to trace the network of human and non-human actors that generate these liminal zones – mindful that the frames we might use necessarily overlap and leak into one another (Lehman 2013). Our interest, then, lies in the intersection of the cultural, social, environmental and material significance of port places.

More details and program at cultgeogau.wordpress.com/liminalzones.

To RSVP your attendance to the workshop and/or dinner, please email Michelle Duffy michelle.duffy@newcastle.edu.au by April 10th.