*REMINDER - Call for Papers – note 28th Feb deadline*

Institute of Australian Geographers
Hobart, July 9-13, 2019

"Energy Geographies"

Heather Lovell (University of Tasmania)
Andrew Harwood (University of Tasmania)


The energy sector is experiencing a period of rapid change, with intensification of academic and policy debates regarding energy security, climate change and affordability. This session seeks papers on a broad range of topics to do with the geographical study of energy, ranging from household energy studies and off-grid communities to city energy flows and resource geographies.  We are interested in papers that challenge technological approaches to understanding energy, either theoretically or empirically. 


To submit to our session, please submit your paper title and abstract through the IAG conference website, where you will find an option to select ‘Energy Geographies’ (deadline 28th February 2019). In addition, please email your paper title and abstract to Heather Lovell heather.lovell@utas.edu.au and Andrew Harwood andrew.harwood@utas.edu.au.


Kind regards

Heather and Andrew




Professor Heather Lovell, Associate Head-Research & Interdisciplinary Research Lead

School of Technology, Environments & Design,

University of Tasmania; Room 423, Geography & Spatial Sciences

tel: +61 3 6226 7243; +61 (0)474 849084

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