Institute of Australian Geographer’s Annual Conference

Hobart, Tasmania

9-13 July 2019


Session Title: Housing and home: assembling geographies of emergence, divergence, and convergence

Session Organisers: Tegan Bergan, Rae Dufty-Jones, Sophie-May Kerr, Kathy Mee, and Emma Power

Session Sponsor: Cultural Geography Study Group



In 2019 how Australians are housed and make home continues to be as important as ever. Issues range from questions of affordability, market ‘bubbles’, equity (spatial, social, environmental and integenerational), homelessness, design, demography, mobility, financialisation, precarity, etc. From this context new challenges and possibilities emerge making home spaces -- both literally and figuratively – important sites in how the hopes, fears and aspirations of individuals, communities and the nation-state emerge, diverge and converge. We invite papers in this session that explore the assembling of geographies of housing and home at a range of scales and through a variety of (sub)disciplinary perspectives.

We welcome abstracts responding to the above call for papers. Please submit abstracts of 150 words to the conference website ( and email a copy to the session organisers Tegan Bergan, Sophie May-Kerr and Kathy Mee Submission of abstracts closes 18 March 2019.

All the best,

Tegan, Sophie-May, Rae, Emma and Kathy



Dr Rae Dufty-Jones | Geography | Urban & Regional Planning | School of Social Sciences and Psychology | Western Sydney University

President | Geographical Society of New South Wales |



Website | Twitter: @raeduftyjones | LinkedIn: | Visit: G.18, Building EI, Parramatta South Campus, Western Sydney University | Phone: 61 (2) 9685 9393 | Post: Locked Bag 1797 Penrith Sth DC NSW 2751


Recent publications: 

Dufty-Jones R, 2018, ‘The career aspirations and expectations of geography doctoral students: establishing academic subjectivities within a shifting landscape’, Geographical Research,


Dufty-Jones R, 2018, ‘A historical geography of housing crisis in Australia’, Australian Geographer,