Call for Abstracts/Papers
Institute of Australian Geographers Annual Conference
Wrest Point, Tasmania
9-13 July 2019

Session Title: A global Concept in local Contexts: Local understandings of sustainable development and its practice

Session Abstract

Sustainable development has evolved to become the dominant concept in planning and policy decisions.  Within the context of global and national discourse, sustainable development is “an article of faith, a shibboleth; often used but little explained” (Tolba 1984). Despite the evolution of the concept, the following questions remain- sustainable development for who, on whose definitions or terms and whose interests? This session aims at providing a more nuanced understanding of how sustainable development is conceived by different actors and how this plays out in practice within the socioeconomic and political context of local communities. Papers that examine discursive representations of sustainable development in practice, the politics of its governance and its differentiated impacts on groups of people are welcomed.

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