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Call for papers: Housing Documentaries and Podcasts


We are looking for contributions that interrogate the role that new and old media–– such as housing documentaries and urban podcasts––play in academic, public and policy discussions about housing and cities.

In the last year an impressive suite of housing documentaries showcased the numerous failings of housing policy and practice around the world. These include: PUSH, a documentary investigating ideas around the financialization of housing by Fredrik Gertten; EVICTED, a documentary about the eviction of public housing tenants from Millers Point in Sydney by Blue Lucine; and THERE GOES THE NEIGHBOURHOOD, a documentary about the redevelopment of the Redfern/Waterloo public housing estate, also in Sydney by Clare Lewis. These films build on a notable historical oeuvre that includes documentaries such as 70 ACRES IN CHICAGO about the demolition of Cabrini Green and the eviction of the African-American community to make way for a ‘mixed-income’ neighbourhood; and THE PRUITT-IGOE MYTH, a documentary detailing the history and demolition of the Pruitt–Igoe public housing complex in St. Louis, Missouri––both in the US. And we could add to this ‘old media’ the rapidly emerging ‘new media’ collection of podcasts covering issues associated with housing and urban policy, such as: WNYC’s THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD about gentrification; or Monocle’s THE URBANIST which covers a range of housing topics. We want to understand the role these old and new media play in the academic, public and political spheres.   



We are looking for contributions that explore ideas such as, but certainly not limited to: 

We are particularly interested in hearing from academics who have worked as or with film or podcast makers. We want to know; was this a form of ‘academic engagement' or 'research impact', or is it problematic to think about this type of academic contribution in these terms? 



Contributions should be referenced, and they will be peer reviewed, but they can be slightly more reflective than a typical research article.



To submit a­ 500 word abstract for consideration or for more information please email journal editor Dallas Rogers by 30th June 2019.




Full papers are due in late 2019

The Intervention will be published in 2020


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Lopes AM, Healy S, Power E, Crabtree L & Gibson K (2018) Infrastructures of Care: Opening up "Home" as Commons in a Hot City, Human Ecology Review, 24(2), 41-59.

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