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We are seeking article submissions to a special issue of the Journal of Urban Technology (JUT). The goal of the Journal of Urban Technology is, through education and discussion, to maximize the positive and minimize the adverse effects of technology on cities. The Journal's impact factor is 3.2 (2017) and all articles undergo rigorous double-blind peer-review. 

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New transportation technologies have the power to change significantly the social, economic and political landscape, exemplified by the introduction of the automobile over a century ago.  The resultant and accumulated impacts have changed how and where people live, interact and work today.  As cities shape, and are shaped by, prevailing transportation options, the arrival of autonomous vehicles suggests a new era of mobility and therefore new influences on urban society and form.  To date, most of the research on autonomous vehicles has addressed the engineering challenges of vehicle design, while the social implications have been largely ignored.  Often, new technologies are launched before the social context has been analyzed and implications understood.  Recognizing this gap, The Journal of Urban Technology seeks to publish a special issue that addresses the urban and social context of autonomous vehicles. 

Scholars with interests and research in autonomous vehicles and their urban implications are encouraged to contact the editors and submit an article for review for this special issue before August 15, 2019



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