The National Library of Australia is pleased to announce that all 1236 of its Survey of India 1:126,720 topo sheets have now been digitised and can be viewed and freely downloaded (600dpi tif or lower-res jpg) at
The series covers much of pre-independence British India (modern Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Burma), giving detailed topography and social and industrial infrastructure.

This 2-mile to the inch series joins 
478 sheets of the Survey of India's 4-mile series (1:253,440) digitised earlier this year 
and 42 sheets of a 4-mile series of Burma digitised previously

I would be pleased to hear from anyone who finds these maps useful in their work/research.
Please forward this news to South Asian scholars in your address books.

We also have several thousand 1:63,360 (one-inch to the mile) sheets of South Asia and Burma, and are looking for collaborative sponsorship to help digitise these.
Please contact me if interested!

We are also digitising 20,000 Australian maps each year, and are currently working through various WA and NSW series:  topographic, cadastral and other themes, after having worked through most of Tasmania, NT and SA.
Again, please let me know if/how this freely-available online mapping is useful in your research. 


Dr Brendan Whyte
Curator of Maps
National Library of Australia