IAG membership drive

We want you!

The importance of Geography and its relevance in a rapidly changing world is broadly affirmed. If you are receiving this email, then you are part of the geography community. The Institute has a membership of over 300, but this list-serve informs many more addresses that that! Consider becoming a member of the Institute of Australian Geographers.


Membership is one of the greatest assets of the Institute, strengthening its identity and capacity, and every subscription supports the work of the IAG as a professional body which aims to:

  • recognise outstanding individual contributions to geography;
  • make submissions on behalf of geography and geographers;
  • promote geography in Australian universities and internationally;
  • support and encouraging postgraduate students helping them to attend conferences and meetings, and recognising excellence in scholarship; and
  • communicate geography and what geographers do to the media, decision-makers and the general community.

As a member you receive the following benefits:

  • Four issues of the IAG’s journal: Geographical Research
  • Reduced registration fees at the annual conference
  • Postgraduate students receive support to attend the IAG conference
  • Eligibility to join up to three study groups and to participate in IAG-funded study group events
  • Opportunities to develop and maintain your career network
  • Career enhancing initiatives (e.g. recognition through awards, professional service)
  • Three issues of the IAG Newsletter (contains information about IAG events across the country as well as news about a broad range of activities).
  • Access via Council to the National Committee for Geographical Sciences (NCGS), Academy of the Sciences, and the International Geographical Union (IGU)


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