Hi all,


This coming Tuesday, there will be a workshop on scholar activism for postgrad students and early career researchers led by geographer Paul Routledge, who is visiting Sydney from the University of Leeds. I’m sure Paul’s work on both scholar activism and on the geographies of contentious politics will be known to many on the list … so do come along if you’re interested, and please circulate to your networks.


Registration is free: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/workshop-scholar-activism-tickets-78572996949


Blurb for the workshop is below.



Kurt Iveson

(Geosciences, University of Sydney)


Join the Sydney Environment Institute and the Sydney Policy Lab for an interactive half-day workshop with Professor Paul Routledge, the Chair in Contentious Politics and Social Change at the University of Leeds. Always working in collaboration with social movement leaders, Paul writes widely on climate change, critical geopolitics and civil society.

What are the practical, political and ethical challenges of scholar-activism? What is the difference between an advocate and a scholar-activist? And how can or should scholars be engaged in acting on their findings?


This workshop for postgraduate students and early career researchers draws upon games and exercises from Theatre of the Oppressed (a ‘rehearsal for the future’ originating in Brazil) to use movement, thinking and discussion to consider the role of scholars in social change. The workshop will get students to think about how to act on their research findings, and also consider a series of sites of intervention that scholars might consider when engaging with campus activism or activism beyond the academy.


Registration will begin at 8:15am for an 8:30am start, and lunch will be available for you to take with you following the workshop, at 12:30pm.