The Australian and New Zealand Map Society have just released issue 86 of its journal "The Globe"

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The contents of issue 86 are:

Thomas, Anton, Drawing North America by Hand [report]. pp.1-10.
Hewitt, John, Beyond Dieppe. pp.11-18.
King, Robert, Franciscus Monachus and the c.1529 Paris Gilt Globe. pp.19-42.
King, Robert, Franciscus Monachus' "De Orbis Situ Ac Descriptione" - a parallel translation. pp.43-69.

Ryan, Bruce, Threnody for the Topo [poem]. p.70.

Ryan, Sarah, Conference report: Mapping in Action. p.71
2019 Conference program. pp.72-73.

Book reviews:
Burnet, Ian [book review]:   Howard Grey, Spice at any price: the life and times of Frederick de Houtman, 1571-1627. pp.74-75.
Faser, David [book review]:   Jerry Brotton & Nick Millea, Talking Maps. pp.75-77.
Sloan, Heather [book review]:  Jerry Brotton & Nick Millea, Fifty Maps and the Stories They Tell. pp.77-78.
Russell, Susie [book review]:    Canadian Geographic Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada. pp.79-81.
Finlayson, Brian [book review]:   Burnet, Ian, The Tasman Map: the biography of a map. p.81-83.
Chen, Yayut Yi-shiuan [book review]:    Hongping Annie Nie, The Selden Map of China: a new understanding of the Ming Dynasty. pp.83-84.
Beaird, Tina [book review]:   Mick Ashworth, Why North is Up. pp.85-86.

Brendan Whyte