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From: "Stoof, Cathelijne" <>
Subject: PyroLife: 15 PhD openings in social science, environmental science and engineering, closing this and next week
Date: 3 December 2019 at 1:43:13 pm GMT+1
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Dear colleagues,
We are hiring 15 PhD candidates in our PyroLife Innovative Training Network and have a good number of applications for some of the positions but are really looking for a boost of applications on some others, particularly the social science ones, so if you can please help us spread the word within your networks that would be greatly appreciated!
Application deadlines are this week Thursday for the Wageningen PhD topics, next week for several others.
Note that fire expertise is not required for these positions – we look for candidates that bring their skills, we teach them about fire in our interdisciplinary doctoral training program – more on
Thank you for your help spreading the word!
Wageningen PhD openings:
Fire effects on ash, carbon and water quality, dr Cathelijne Stoof (SGL group)
Design of fire-resilient landscapes. dr Agnès Patuano (LAR group)
How to make fire prevention enticing. prof Carolien Kroeze (WSG group)
Involving stakeholders in transdisciplinary cross-risk fire research. Based in Spain, graduating in Wageningen, prof. Carolien Kroeze, WSG group
All PhD openings
closing dates 6 – 12 December 2019, including the host organization / two secondment countries.
Environmental sciences – ecology-forestry-soil science – hydrology – meteorology – landscape design
PhD 2. Predicting NW Europe fuel moisture and fire danger. Univ. of Birmingham, UK / Canada / Spain
PhD 5. Fire effects on ash, carbon and water quality. Wageningen Univ, NL / Portugal / UK. Cathelijne Stoof
PhD 3. Fire behaviour in NW Europe. Tecnosylva, Spain / UK / Portugal.
PhD 4. Drivers and behaviour of megafires. UTAD, Portugal / Spain / Canada. 
PhD 8. Mitigating fire propagation in wildland-urban interface. IRSTEA, France / USA / NL. 
PhD 9. Design of fire-resilient landscapes. Wageningen Univ. NL / Spain / UK. Agnès Patuano
PhD 7. Are European homes safe to wildfires? Imperial College, UK / USA / Poland. 
Social sciences
Risk perception & awareness
PhD 1. Perception of fire risk and related land management. EFI, Germany / Portugal / Greece
PhD 14. Engaging communities at risk. Open University Catalonia, Spain / USA / New Zealand. 
PhD 15. Inclusive risk communication. Open University Catalonia, Spain / USA / Germany.
Economic impacts
PhD 6. Economic impacts of wildfires in Europe, Univ. of Birmingham, UK / USA / Greece.
Reducing risks, incl. prevention, governance, transdisciplinary approaches
PhD 10. How to make fire prevention enticing. Wageningen Univ. NL / Spain / UK. Carolien Kroeze
PhD 11. Fire resilient governance. EUC, Cyprus / UK / Italy.
PhD 12. Involving stakeholders in transdisciplinary cross-risk fire research. Pau Costa Foundation/Wageningen Univ. Spain / NL / New Zealand. 
PhD 13. European Interagency exchange. EUC, Cyprus / Denmark / Spain.
Mobility and early career requirement: ITN projects require candidates to be mobile (not having spent > 12 months the last three years in the country they apply to) and early career (within 4 years of full time research equivalence after obtaining their MSc degree).
Detailed info incl. the latest deadlines:
Dr. Cathelijne Stoof
Assistant Professor, Soil Geography and Landscape Group
Coordinator Wageningen Fire Centre
Wageningen University, the Netherlands
Mail: / phone +31 317 482008 / +31 6 1432 5647
Web: Website. Twitter: @dr_firelady, @pyrodiverse, @sgl_wur