Dear All,

Please consider submitting an abstract for the following session at the IAG 2020 conference. This forms part of a proposed new study group on Children and Young Peoples Geographies - see details below.

1.CFP IAG Conference 2020 

Diverse children and childhoods in changing landscapes

Lisa Stafford (QUT), Wendy Steele (RMIT), Harriot Beazley (USC)


We invite papers and creative works that explore the critical geographies of children and young people in a changing landscape. This includes but is not limited to key themes such as:

  • Diverse childhoods and disruptive landscapes
  • Landscapes of Inclusion and Exclusion
  • Intergenerational Injustice and Climate Change
  • Urbanised landscapes and play  inc. re-imagining streets, neighbourhoods, towns
  • Place and Identity in the lives of children and young people
  • Using Participatory Methods to understand children's experiences with landscapes
Please email a 250-word abstract to by 13th March 2020. 

Submit your abstract online at;

Please note: Abstracts close on the 20 March 2020

2. Harriot Beazley (University of the Sunshine Coast) and Lisa Stafford (Queensland University of Technology) are interested in establishing and co-leading a study group, specifically focusing on the Geographies of Children and Young People (CYPG).

The rational for establishing the study group is to bring to the forefront the importance of children and young people within all aspects of Geography. 

The CYPG study group will focus on the significance of children and young people and their complex and diverse geographies. It aims to create stronger understandings and influence of children’s views in Australia and the Asia Pacific region, and to advocate for change to address the spatial, ecological, social and economic injustices that threaten children and young people’s rights and everyday experiences now, and in the future. 

The study group also seeks to develop connections with other study groups, to raise awareness of children’s rights and geographies within different sub-disciplines of Geography.

Six key themes and objectives:

- To inform and promote the adoption of child participatory methods by researchers to make sure all children and young people are being researched appropriately and respectfully, and to ensure the most marginalised children’s experiences are understood.

- To stimulate research that recognises and builds knowledge of the diversity of childhoods - ensuring intersectionality is well considered and understood.

- To encourage discussion and knowledge generation on inclusion and exclusion experienced by children and young people across geographies.

- To encourage ongoing dialogue of place, space and identity in the lives of children and young people.

- To promote recognise and build knowledge of intergenerational and intercultural influences on children and young people’s geographies.

- To stimulate discussion, knowledge and advocacy on children’s rights & spatial and climate justice.

15 members are needed in order to establish this study group.