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See below a Call for Papers for a session at the IAG 2020 Conference (UNE, Armidale, 6-9 July 2020). The session will be sponsored by the Economic Geography Study Group and the Nature, Risk and Resilience Study Group.


Democratising green finance 

Gareth Bryant and Sophie Webber, The University of Sydney


Geographers have long studied the commodification, marketization and financialization of nature and environmental governance. In doing so, they have charted innovation and experimentation, identified new forms and sites of value, and examined emerging expertise and scientific knowledge. But, geographers have also demonstrated that attempts to make nature and finance compatible are spatially and socially uneven, produce environmentally flawed outcomes and include undemocratic and unjust processes. In response to the acknowledged contradictions, failures and limits of the economization of nature, this session invites papers that identify and analyse more collective, common, reparative, decolonising, and democratic proposals for financing and governing environments and environmental changes. We invite papers that are analytical, empirical and/or practical and from a plurality of conceptual approaches and geographical sites. The goal of the session is to offer analytical and concrete alternatives to the increasingly privatised and financialised governance of nature, something that will be increasingly necessary in responding to multiple environmental crises.


Please submit your abstracts to the conference website and email a copy to Sophie at or Gareth at Abstracts should be no more than 250 words and are due 20 March 2020.







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