Issue 87 of The Globe, journal of the Australian and New Zealand Map Society has now been published. 

This issue’s contents are:


Cartographic Drift: Pulo Condor and the ysles de magna and ye de saill on the Dieppe Maps

Robert J. King


Treasured Islands: Charting the imagination

Granville Allen Mawer


Lt. James Cook’s Misplaced Landmarks of the Coasts of Victoria and NSW

Trevor Lipscombe


‘Where’s my Embassy, Comrade?’: An examination of the 1981 Soviet military city plan of Canberra

Brendan Whyte


Cook Conspiracy at Point Hicks?

Trevor Lipscombe


Errata : Franciscus Monachus’ De Orbis Situ Ac Descriptione – A Parallel Translation

Robert J. King


Conference Report: 2019 Coronelli Symposium in Zurich

Robert J. King


Book Reviews :

Graeme Lay, 100 Days that Mapped a Nation

Tessa Duder, First Map: How James Cook charted Aotearoa New Zealand

John McCrystal, Singing the Trail: The story of mapping Aotearoa New Zealand

Chris McDowell & Tim Denee, We Are Here - an atlas of Aotearoa

Y.-Y. Chiang, W. Duan, S. Leyk, J.H. Uhl & C.A. Knoblock, Using Historical Maps in Scientific Studies: Applications, challenges, and best practices

Riaz Dean, Mapping the Great Game: Explorers, spies & maps in nineteenth-century Asia

Bill Arthur & Frances Morphy (eds.), Macquarie Atlas of Indigenous Australia: Culture and society through space and time, Second edition



Brendan Whyte