Lots of Antipodean presenters. Starting now with important key speakers, including Jason Moore .



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From: Political Ecology Research Centre <masseyperc@gmail.com>
Sent: Monday, June 29, 2020 7:19 AM
To: Lisa <L.Vonk@massey.ac.nz>
Subject: Extraction Conference Day 1 - Join us today for live keynotes, presentations and a short film


Dear Extraction presenters,


A very warm welcome to Extraction: Tracing the Veins. Over the next two weeks of the conference, we will send out a daily email highlighting what is going on each day. We encourage you to put a bit of time aside daily to read and share these emails with others who would be interested, come along to live events, tune into some of the pre-recorded presentations, and join in the online discussion. And don't forget to tweet, #extractionconference.


We are really excited about the opening live keynote panel at 12pm New Zealand time / 10am Queensland / 8pm (28th June) New York. We encourage everyone to come along to hear three renowned speakers discussing the big issues in extraction. Click on this link to go straight to the webinar (no sign up required).

I know the time doesn't suit everyone, but don't worry, the panel will be recorded and will be up on the website.


Today we also feature the first two of our pre-recorded panels of presentations. The first panel features four talks on Extractive knowledge production, and the second on Indigenous knowledge and epistemologies. I encourage you to view both panels because there is so much connection between the different presentations. They include a short film, a reflection on artistic practice, discussions of indigenous resistance to extraction, and analysis of the extractive processes of social scientists ourselves and our institutions. The case studies they draw on span geographies from The Americas, Russia, Ecuador, PNG, and Chad. I had a sneak preview of these last night, and I found them challenging (in a good way!) as they really encouraged me to reflect on my own research practice.


Go to the website to learn more. http://perc.ac.nz/wordpress/extraction/


Best wishes,

Extraction Conference Committee