Can anyone with knowledge of PNG help me to  identify/date these 3 airphotos: 2 of PNG(?) airfields, and one presumably Australian airfield.
Please forward to WW2 airfield/PNG experts you might know.

They were in a group of photos of Nadi airport in our collection, but are clearly NOT Nandi.


 1200dpi scans can be viewed/zoomed/rotated at the links below.


Oblique photo of concrete airstrip on tropical island(?). PNG? Or Qld?  Or…?

stamped on rear: “Qantas photograph 60-138-56”  (so 1956 or 1960?) and in biro: “property of N.M. Fricker”

An N M Fricker was with the DCA in the 1950s, and a Norm Fricker was on the Qantas board in the late 20th century.


V: Southpaw V: sortie 5/040: Area 6: Line 37: 118-129: 5 Sep 1966 …. CPD 22091 Restricted.  Photo print 0127

An inland airstrip with aprons on a river delta flowing into a large braided river.

Presumably PNG, because all our other 1966 “southpaw” photos are of PNG airstrips.

No idea which way is north.

Possibly overgrown WW2 strip?

Collage of 4 standard air photos, covering an airfield with 2 perpendicular concrete runways, and remnants of a third, grassed strip at 45 degrees, near some market gardening in Australia(?)

A rifle range in the scrub to the right of the airfield suggests an RAAF facility??

No date info.

No idea which way is north.



Thank you





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