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This is the third in our series of IAG events.

Disconnected catchments: Reflections on physical and social connectivity as an organising principle in catchment management

Catchment management (and a great deal of environmental philosophy) has always been based on the fundamental idea of intimate connection driven by the down-valley flow of water and materials: that actions in one part of the catchment will have impacts downstream.  Physical connections flowed through to a web of social responsibilities structured by a dendritic river network.   The outcome has been an emphasis on integration, and a feeling that local actions were futile.  In this talk I will explore ideas of longitudinal catchment connections and demonstrate that there are many other ways to think about the spatial arrangement of actions within catchments.   



About the speaker

Ian Rutherfurd is a geomorphologist who studies river processes, and in particular the impacts of humans on those processes.  He is deeply involved in the management of rivers.  Ian is a past president of the Institute of Australian Geographers and the Australia New Zealand Geomorphology Group, and is a professor in the School of Geography, University of Melbourne

Time: Wednesday 6pm (AEST) 28 October 2020

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