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First, please let me apologise for the group email…. 


Second, I recently participated as a ‘guinea pig’ to pilot workshops/seminars for the AAG’s helpful intervention entitled ‘Geography Methods during a Pandemic’. It is a great and worthwhile initiative and I thought some Australian and NZ colleagues might be interested in signing up to develop and convene a virtual seminar or virtual workshop for (post)graduate students (as described below and more comprehensively through the link the message below). I appreciate that for many of you  this AAG call to be involved comes at a poor time and I certainly don’t want to be adding to your load but perhaps some of you have some flexibility and scope to be involved. I certainly got the impression that the students who participated in the pilot workshops really valued this initiative and I am sure participants would welcome the opportunity to draw from your expertise as well as to communicate with other student-researchers sharing similar COVID-19-related research challenges.


Please note that I cannot provide any information over and above that set out below.


All the best   Iain Hay


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CFP October 15: Instructors for Research Methods in a Pandemic AAG Learning Series: Geography Methods during a Pandemic Graduate students have... -posted to the "Rest of World (not US or Canada)" community

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CFP October 15: Instructors for Research Methods in a Pandemic

Julaiti Nilupaer

Oct 5, 2020 3:11 PM

Julaiti Nilupaer

CFP October 15: Instructors for Research Methods in a Pandemic

AAG Learning Series: Geography Methods during a Pandemic

Graduate students have been affected by COVID-19 in many ways, including in terms of their research progress. The AAG is sponsoring a series of virtual workshops and seminars for members only, which we hope graduate students will be interested in participating in.

The AAG is seeking instructors to develop a virtual seminar or a virtual workshop designed for graduate students, and to demonstrate a research method in geography that is feasible or adaptive during a pandemic. If selected, the instructor will be able to pick a week between November 2020 and February 2021 during which they will offer the seminar or workshop. Upon completion of the seminar or workshop, the instructor will be paid $1,500.

What is the difference between a workshop and a seminar?

workshop should provide an overview of the applicability of a particular method to a wide range of research questions in geography, while demonstrating the benefits or feasibility of this method during a pandemic. Students attending workshops will have limited or no prior knowledge of the method or its applications. Students will be encouraged to attend as many workshops as they can to gain an understanding of the versatility of geography, its possibilities, and potentially even adapt their research using a method they learn during the pandemic. These workshops will serve as a venue for students of any geographic specialty to connect with one another.

seminar should demonstrate strategies within a particular method that help students adapt to the challenges that it poses because of the pandemic. Students attending seminars will already have the base knowledge necessary for more advanced conversations about the method being discussed, such as students who have started research using the method discussed. During seminars, students should be able to share the research question(s) they are trying to answer, share how COVID-19 impacted or prevents them from completing some of their research, and receive mentoring or guidance from the instructor. Seminars will also serve as a venue for students to connect and form peer-support networks.

The deadline to apply to be an instructor or seminar leader is on or before Friday, October 15, 2020.


Julaiti Nilupaer
American Association of Geographers

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