Geography and Spatial Sciences at the University of Tasmania (UTAS) are advertising three PhD projects to work on the ARC funded project: Enabling cultures of bushfire readiness in Australian communities (SRI200200441, 2021-2024).

The supervisory team includes Chloe Lucas, Aidan Davison and David Bowman.

There are living allowance scholarships of $28,092pa (2020 rate) that will be considered for outstanding applicants.

Australia's Black Summer showed that many households and neighbourhoods are inadequately prepared for the 'new normal' of faster, fiercer bushfires. This is particularly concerning on the urban fringe, where rapid development is changing landscapes, and households face complex socio-economic challenges. This research aims to understand how Australian fire management agencies interact with diverse communities about bushfire preparedness, and how different communities interpret and respond to this communication. We are seeking high quality candidates for three interdisciplinary PhD projects that address this challenge.

Links to the three available projects below:

Cultures of communication for bushfire preparation,-environments-and-design/geography-and-spatial-sciences/cultures-of-communication-for-bushfire-preparation/_nocache

Decision-support tools for householder bushfire preparation,-environments-and-design/geography-and-spatial-sciences/decision-support-tools-for-householder-bushfire-preparation/_nocache

Mapping bushfire risk and community values,-environments-and-design/geography-and-spatial-sciences/mapping-bushfire-risk-and-community-values/_nocache

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Many thanks

Dr Chloe Lucas

Research Fellow

Geography & Spatial Sciences | School of Technology, Environments & Design   

University of Tasmania

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