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Hello everyone,

Congratulations on surviving the 2020 academic year.

We are holding the second panel on GIScience Education & Resilience next week on Monday and would love to have you join. Our panellists from across the Asia Pacific region will initiate a conversation about how we can practice resilient GIScience education in the face of an unpredictable situation.


Details below:

What is resilient GIScience education, and what roles technologies may have to support and achieve the goals that people identify? Since mid-2020, individuals around the world have been participating in a series of online panels to discuss these ideas. The first round of panel discussions was held in July and August, and focused on understanding what resilient GIScience Education might look like.


The second round of panels is now underway and the Asia Pacific region panel will be held on Monday 30 November (times – NZ 4pm; Australia & Solomon Islands 2pm; Brisbane, Australia, 1pm; Tokyo, Japan 12 pm;  Jakarta, Indonesia, 10am). 

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The topic of the second panel is "Implementing Resilient GIScience Education." 

This conversation is intended to share experiences in developing and implementing resilient GIScience courses.  

Attending it will alert you to:

Our panellists are:

Inesha Mazini, Solomon Islands National University

John Lowry, Massey University, New Zealand

Andrew Fletcher, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Lilik Budi Prasetyo, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia

Narumasa Tsutsumida, Kyoto University, Japan


Please join us to discuss with the panellists:


Further details on the discussion series, including a summary and recordings of the first round of panels, are available at: 


Register to get your unique registration zoom link here: 

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