Issue 88 of "The Globe", journal of the Australian and New Zealand Map Society was posted out to members mid-December, with a shout-out to Australia Post for going beyond the call of duty by delivering it to several members on Boxing Day (and a Saturday too)!!


Non-members can secure their copy by joining the society. A mere AU$60 ($30 for students). See


The issue’s contents are:


A Comparison of the 1513 Maps of Eastern Indonesia by Francisco Rodrigues and those of the 1519 Atlas Miller

Ian Burnet                         


Magellanica: Finding the Antipodeans

Robert J. King                   


The French ‘Discovery’ of the Pacific: New Worlds in the South

Margaret Sankey                            


Maps and the European understanding of Fiji’s toponymy 1643-1840

Paul Geraghty


Is that Western Australia on a mysterious map of the Portuguese Empire dated 1573?

John Hewitt       


A Comparison of Spatial Data of Eastern Java la Grande with Eastern Australia

Andrew Eliason               


A Note on the Dauphin Map and its Relevance to the East Coast of Australia

Ray Blackwood                


Conference Report: Eurocarto 2020

Chandra Jayasuriya


Book Reviews:


Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) & Nathan Joyce, The Royal Geographical Society Puzzle Book: pit your wits against the world's great explorers


Judith Tyner, Women in American Cartography



Brendan Whyte,

editor, “The Globe”