Dear geographers, 

For those interested, the Legal Geography Study group is still supporting session proposals for the 2021 IAG/NZGS conference. We will also be holding out AGM at this conference. Further details on each are below.

We currently have 4 legal geography sessions proposed (titled below); today is the final day for you to submit a session proposal. Please contact us as study group chairs if you require further information. We are encouraging a range of sessions relevant or connected to legal geography. 

Current submitted session proposals, by title only: 

‘Legal Geographies of Tenure’ – John Carr (UNSW)


‘Garnering legitimacy through the law: the untapped potential of (legal) geography research’ – Jo Gillespie (USyd) and Tayanah O’Donnell (ANU)


‘Indigenous legal geographies’ – Dan Robinson and Margaret Raven (UNSW)


‘Legal Geography: Perspectives and Methods’ – Tayanah O’Donnell, Jo Gillespie and Dan Robinson (ANU, USyd, UNSW)


Annual General Meeting 


The LGSG will hold its AGM at the above conference. We encourage anyone interested in chairing/co-chairing the group to reach out before then, as we’d love to talk with you! 

Kind regards,

Tayanah & Jo


Legal Geography Study Group