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The Critical Development Study Group is pleased to announce that we are sponsoring some excellent sessions and activities at IAG-NZGS Combined Conference, University of Sydney, 6-9 July.

Abstracts are due 5th April 2021. Please contact session organisers (details below) directly with your title and abstract, and also please indicate if you will be presenting in person or remotely. 

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Karen Paiva-Henrique, Krishna K Shrestha and Fiona Miller
IAG Critical Development Study Group Convenors 


Critical approaches to development, justice and participation in a time of crises
Karen Paiva Henrique (University of Western Australia) karen.paivahenrique@uwa.edu.au
with Krishna K. Shrestha (UNSW) and Fiona Miller (MQ)

We are currently living through and learning how to navigate multiple, concurrent crises. From unprecedented climate-induced disasters to the global pandemic, 2020 has (re)ignited discussions over persistent structural inequalities (who is able to prepare and recover?), unjust on-the-ground effects (who suffers the most?) and often deficient decision-making processes (whose voices count?) in the management of global crises. Achieving sustainable development, justice for all and inclusive participation has gained new urgency, yet defining and translating these concepts into action remains as contentious as ever. This session invites critical contributions to disentangle and deepen our understanding of development, justice and participation. We welcome papers that explore historical approaches; contextualised successes and persistent obstacles; counter-hegemonic and indigenous epistemologies; and innovative and emancipatory methodologies, to name a few, and are particularly interested in those positioned at the intersection of all three concepts. We aim to broaden discussions on situated, inclusive and just development from below, and co-envision translocal networks of solidarity and care to achieve it in practice. In addition to standard paper presentations, we are considering organising a one-day writing workshop with authors (especially PhD and ECRs) from selected contributions. We hope to work with them to further develop their papers for a journal special issue.

Remembering the promises of food security: reimagining a different food future
Katherine Gibson (Western Sydney University) K.gibson@westernsydney.edu.au
with Anisah Madden and Bhavya Chitranshi (WSU)

This session brings an historical perspective on the rise of food security as a concern and its subsequent institutionalization in development practice together with analysis of contemporary struggles to wrest food production from the hold of technocratic agendas that privilege agri-businesses. The three papers will be bring a ‘reading for difference’ to their examination of development debates of the 1950s, peasant and Indigenous struggles to reclaim food futures via the UN Committee on World Food Security, and current movements and alternative community practices in India that are seeking to shape food futures. Paper 1: Decolonizing food security in India: Reimagining agriculture through farmer’s protests and indigenous women’s collective farming practices. Bhavya Chitranshi Paper 2: The Geographer’s Burden—feeding India’s starving millions: Oskar Spate’s misgivings Katherine Gibson Paper 3: Remembering the culture in agriculture: Reclaiming food futures via the UN Committee on World Food Security Anisah Madden

The Bamboo Bridge: Film showing and panel on documentaries and research practice
(Co-sponsored with the Cultural Geography Study Group)
The Bamboo Bridge is a 60-minute film that documents the last building of a 1.5 kilometre bridge across the Mekong River in Cambodia. It is a meditation on ephemeral infrastructure, on human-non-human interactions, on community economy relationships and resilience. It presents a way of living that is under threat as the Belt and Road agenda reshapes all corners of Indo-China. It asks what can we learn from a bamboo bridge?

Following the film showing, the session will include a panel of speakers including Executive Producer Professor Katherine Gibson, Film Field Researcher Dr Isaac Lyne and members of the Critical Development Study Group and the Cultural Geography Study Group who will discuss how documentary making and research practice can coalesce.

IAG CDSG-sponsored lecture - Prof Uma Kothari
The Critical Development Study Group is also thrilled to share that Professor Uma Kothari (Professor of Migration and Post-Colonial Studies, University of Manchester/ Vice-Chancellor's Fellow, School of Geography, University of Melbourne) will deliver the IAG CDSG-sponsored lecture at the conference on participation and development. We will share more details on this exciting event in coming weeks.

Associate Professor Fiona Miller

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