INSTITUTE OF AUSTRALIAN GEOGRAPHERS / NEW ZEALAND GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY  2021 CONFERENCE ------ session call for Economic Geography abstracts now open -----


6-9 JULY 2021, University of Sydney



Session title: The geography of the post-pandemic economy


Session organisers: Phillip O'Neill, Kirsten Martinus, Nick Lewis


Session abstract: This session will focus on the economic geography of COVID-19 from an Australian and New Zealand perspective to understand what has happened, the impacts, and identifying possible future pathways. Research presented does not need to initiated by the economic impact of COVID-19, but on how the economic sectors, agents and events being researched as a matter of course have been affected, if at all. We are interested in how the dynamics of the economies in our broad region may change into the future, as a consequence of the ‘virus’ effect. There are three themes: 1: The problems going into the pandemic/recession are the problems coming out. Examples are climate change, energy policy, agriculture, trade, financialisation and sustainability has seen little impact and what this reveals. 2: The pandemic/recession has added new dimensions to an issue. Examples are a particular issue taking on new features due to COVID-19 events, such as a city’s job distribution as people work from home; changes to international economic connections and movements; worker vulnerability in gig economy and care sectors; or, regulatory changes as national governance is configured. 3: Innovation and redundancy have accelerated in unanticipated ways. Examples include: shifts in non-metropolitan, rural, and mining economies; digital mobilisation across economic sectors; new service delivery or professional services models; and, new ways governments co-invest and support new enterprise and emerging sectors.


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