Some useful links for those teaching environmental change or imagery interpretation

USGS news release, April 15, 2021:

“USGS Landsat Satellites Enable Google to Portray Global Change” 
“USGS Landsat satellite data and imagery are the key foundation for the newly released Google Earth 3D Timelapse tool. The upgraded Timelapse presents a global, zoomable time-lapse video of the planet from 1984 to 2020.”

Other interesting EROS tools:

USGS EROS Earthshots:  (can be slow to load... use direct links below)
includes a number of Australian stories/imagery, including Sydney, Little Desert NP (Vic), and Kalgoorlie's big pit
also Shanghai, Papua, and Singapore's growth etc

USGS EarthNow! Landsat Viewer: 
Realtime Landsat images.

USGS EROS image of the week: 

USGS EROS archive: 

Brendan Whyte