For those who were unable to attend Wednesday's Australian & New Zealand Map Society webinar, links to the presentations on youtube, and the links provided by each speaker to their products, are provided below.

Watch the presentations on YouTube

Here are some links that were discussed in the presentations.

Karl Baker - Land Information New Zealand
Mapping New Zealand in 2021 - Respecting past and present products as we look to future! A presentation on maps and future possibilities...

NZ building outlines on Medium:

NZ Aerial Basemap:,174.0492437,z6

Elevation Aotearoa:

Dmitar Butrovski - Geoscience Australia
Enabling Access to Geoscience Australia’s Aerial Photography Collection – a journey from aerial survey films to digital downloads

Geoscience Australia’s Historical Aerial Photography Hub website

Direct link to the HAP catalogue search and data delivery

Bitbucket source code repository for the API
API Documentation and Examples

Jodie Howie and Simon Haycock - Queensland Department of Resources
Queensland Topographic Mapping Program offered by the Department of Resources

QSpatial Live

Queensland Spatial Catalogue


QTOPO Service endpoints

QLD Globe





Brendan Whyte