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Please find some important updates regarding the IGU Centennial Congress (Paris, 18-22 July 2022) and the session “Scale and Time”.


NEW at IGU 2022

(1) One can choose now to register for either “in-person” or “online” participation.

(2) The session deadline was delayed by two months.


Session: Scale and Time

New abstract deadline: 25 September 2021 (submission details are added below)


This is something that human geography and physical geography have in common: the time scales on which we formulate our questions, for which we design our exploration, can be decisive for our understanding of the studied processes.

Are you studying relations in a community on a time scale of days? Of months? Of years? Are you perhaps looking at river processes on time scales of seconds and minutes, of days and weeks, perhaps of years, or of decades? Are you considering the dynamics of social networks on time scales of days, of months, of years?

What perspectives do the different time scales offer?


This session is dedicated to the power of time scale to open up new and valuable views of reality. We are looking for papers that refer to ways in which different time scales, ranges of time scales, or changes in time scale inform our questions, shape our methodology, and help us to understand the environment and our relations to the environment and to each other.  While the key term of the session is “time scale”, papers that include spatial scale and its relations to temporal scale are of particular interest.


To better reveal the manner in which time scales operate, a diversity of angles and a variety of geographical research themes are welcome to this session, such as those related to social dynamics, geomorphology, cultural spaces, hydrology, economics, natural hazards, the dynamics of health, renewable energy, etc., from theoretical constructs to practical applications.


Session Organizer: Cristian Suteanu (Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada). Email:


If you are interested in being part of this session, please send to

(i) your paper title, (ii) a short preliminary abstract, and (iii) your preferred participation format – in-person or online.

New deadline: September 25. Please include “IGU 2022” in the subject line.


Please get in touch if you have any questions.


Details about the 100th Congress of the IGU can be found here:


Cristian Suteanu



Dr. Cristian Suteanu
Professor, Dept. of Geography & Environmental Studies /
                 Dept. of Environmental Science
Chairperson, Dept. of Environmental Science

Saint Mary's University

Halifax, NS, Canada