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Track Chairs Libby Porter, Lara Daley, Michelle Thompson-Fawcett, Michele Lobo and Jamal Nabulsi  welcome your abstracts (still open) for the track theme: Reckoning with Settler-Colonial Cities,  State of Australasian Cities Conference (1-3 Dec, 2021, Melbourne – see more track themes at:


How can we speak of the “State of Australasian Cities” without examining the conditions in which we are here, speaking? Reckoning with the complicity of the urban fields and professions with colonialism is long past due. Racism, coloniality and dispossession are the State of Australasian Cities. Yet cities are also spaces of Indigenous strength, survivance and connections with and as urban places. What does it mean to grapple with these complex realities? To speak about such matters, especially within a space like a conference, also demands a reckoning with questions about who can speak and how we are heard. Who is speaking and in what forms. 


Abstracts due tomorrow 30 July 2021 at the above link.  




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